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Safety First Healthcare Set

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Baby's 1st healthcare kit by Safety 1st contains essential items for keeping your baby healthy while on the go.

The kit has 11 pieces including:
- Reversible case: Elegant, cube-shaped case reverses to a longer pencil-case
- Soft grip toothbrush: Secure-hold, soft nylon bristles
- New-born nasal aspirator: Small, flexible tip
- Medicine dropper with spill guard: Accurate dosage readings, and a convenient plug, made without BPA
- Digital thermometer with protective case: Multiple modes - oral, rectal or underarm
- On-the-go thermometer testing
- Emergency contact card: Compact and handy reference

What's in the box
x 1 Compact Case
x 1 Newborn Nasal Aspirator
x 1 Soft Grip Toothbrush
x 1 Medicine Dropper
x 1 Digital Themometer & Case
x 5 Alcohol Wipes
x 1 Emergency Card


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