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Replacement Overcap (Classic Neck)

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The development of the mouth is closely linked to the overall development of your baby. Nowhere else in the body are there as many muscles and nerves as in the mouth. During breastfeeding the mother´s nipple adapts itself perfectly to the baby´s mouth. This is the best way for babies to take in food and, at the same time, it exercises the jaw, palate, tongue and lips. This is why NUK Teats are modelled on the shape of a mother’s nipple as she breastfeeds

The extra-wide lip rest of the First Choice Teat more than ever gives your baby a feeling as if at a mother´s breast. With its unique shape, the teat even allows combining both bottle and breastfeeding.  The NUK Anti-Colic Air System equalizes the pressure in the teat. This helps reduce colic, as your baby swallows less air.

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