Latex Cleft Palate Teat + Screwring - Somebunnynew
Latex Cleft Palate Teat + Screwring - Somebunnynew

Latex Cleft Palate Teat + Screwring

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Feeding newborns with a cleft lip or palate almost always presents its own problems: these babies find it very difficult, sometimes even impossible, to create the right type of vacuum to be able to suck. This means that even breastfeeding, or bottle feeding with commercially available teats, is very difficult or often not possible at all. For these children, NUK has developed special teats which are based on the specific anatomical structure of the upper jaw of babies with clefts in their lip or palate.

The NUK Cleft Palate Teat encourages natural sucking and chewing movements. While swallowing, the domed top of the teat presses against the roof of the mouth sealing the cleft palate so that food cannot enter the respiratory tract. Food and saliva can mix together at the same time, as this is an important factor for digestion. Holes can be made later according to individual needs and your doctor’s instructions.

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