Congesto-K KiddieRub - Somebunnynew
Congesto-K KiddieRub - Somebunnynew
Natural Remedy

Congesto-K KiddieRub

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This is a natural chest rub for children containing a blend of aromatherapy essential oils to open the chest and soothe your child. 

  • Clears congestion and blocked airways
  • Combats high fever
  • Relaxes & soothes sick and irritable children
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Pure aromatherapy ingredients


Congesto-K Kiddie Rub contains the following carefully chosen ingredients:

Niaouli essential oil, Eucalyptus essential oil, Ginger essential oil, Wheat germ oil, Almond oil, Grape seed oil, Groundnut oil

Directions for use

With aromatherapy, a little goes a long way!  Pour a little into the palm of the hand and rub together to warm the oil.  Massage slowly and gently onto chest and back, and under the feet - especially before bedtime.

(Tip: You can also use a capful in the bath before bedtime or saturate a handkerchief or tissue and place under the sheet or pillow!) 

Not recommended for babies under 6 months or during pregnancy. (For small babies, place a handkerchief or tissue saturated with Congesto-K under the sheet or pillowcase). Congesto-K Kiddie Rub may contain traces of nut oil. For external use only.

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