Diaper & Potty Training

Cloth Nappies, Potties, Training Pants - We've got you!

Ask your parents about the cloth nappies, and they will tell you the efforts that went into boiling, washing, folding, and fixing those nappies with a safety pin. But not anymore; at Somebunny New, you can shop for the best quality baby cloth nappies in South Africa offering perfect fitting with a shaped, elasticized, and smooth fabric that is easier to handle - just chuck them in the washing machine, and they are good to go! 

Are you sick of dressing your cute little angel into those boring white baby cloth nappies? Then get your hands on our wide range of collections having cute panda, watermelon, floral, rabbit, teepee, and many more exciting designs that your little baby will adore.  

We know that your sweet little one means the world to you, and that's why we make sure that his soft skin goes through no harm with our hand-picked soft choice of fabric with no little elements that he can take inside his mouth. These all in one baby cloth nappies are completely reusable and are made with highly absorbent material to keep your baby dry all day. If you are all in to buy the perfect cloth nappies for your baby, then shop today from our exclusive range of baby cloth nappies at an affordable price. 


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